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Classic and simple, this bottle-shaped porcelain carafe is ready to hold wine, water, or flowers (the Simple Carafe welcomes all uses). Available in two tinted clay colors, with a raw, sanded exterior, an interior gloss liner glaze for easy cleaning, and a cork stopper to keep contents contained. 

+ also available in CHARCOAL +

Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon by sisters Lisa and Samantha of Pigeon Toe. Pigeon Toe is a new perspective on the beauty inherent in every day. Each piece that leaves the studio is alive with the joy and vision of its makers, the result of a process that begins with imagination and insight, takes shape through skilled hands, and is fulfilled by you. You will know a Pigeon Toe piece by its purpose, you will remember it for its presence, and you will love it for what it transcends.

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