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The quintessential ceremonial grade matcha.

With a deep, mellow taste and smooth finish, Waka’s delicate flavors are ideal for matcha enthusiasts.

Ceremonial grade organic matchas are grown in the revered tea fields of Uji, where leaves are meticulously shade-grown and harvested before being ground into a fine powder. Stone grinding can introduce heat to the tea, so it is done extremely slowly; about 30g per hour. Featuring a bold green hue, sweet aroma, and robust flavor, our matchas are a frothy treat prepared by whisking and not infusion. Detailed preparation instructions are included in the container. All three teas are certified organic by JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association) and USDA standards.

Materials: Powdered green tea
Volume: 30g
Care: Keep stored in a cool, dark place. Because our tea is made with no preservatives or additives, their shelf life is approximately two weeks. 

Uji, Japan

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