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Himalayan Salts contain 84 trace minerals and macro minerals necessary for healthy functioning of the human body. Sourced from high altitude Himalayan mines, these salts are more pure and less vulnerable to pollutants often found in our oceans and lakes. In additional to being enchantingly gorgeous, Himalayan Salt Stones proved multiple use benefits:

Add positivity through negative ions.

Himalayan Salts release negative ions which counterbalance the positive ions emitted by our devices, appliances, stagnant air in closed spaces... We don't believe in miracle claims, though we do abide by the notion that every little bit helps. We keep our Salt Stones by our computers, device plug-ins, in our bedrooms and vehicles as a visual affirmation, if nothing else, to breathe in the calming beauty these crystals represent.

For sanctuary style soaking.

Few things are lovelier and more calming than a soaking sanctuary with plants, crystals and calming scents. These Himalayan Salt Stones are so nice for adorning a bathing area, and even nicer for to enjoy a detoxifying soaking in. Place your Salt Stones in the tub as it's filling to infuse the hot water prior to getting in. Stones are good for many uses depending on the size. We estimate about 2 uses for every ounce.

Simple and non-toxic solution for underarms.

Himalayan salts are naturally anti-bacterial and are proven to be very effective against odor-causing bacteria. Their natural alkalinity also aides in maintaining a healthy underarm environment. Just wet slightly to add a bit of slip and glide over underarm area for a layer of sustained protection.

For an energizing Sole brine.

Sole (so-lay) is an energizing and detoxifying brine that you can keep on your countertop and add to your drinking water in the morning or throughout the day. Keeping the salt stones visible means the water is naturally infused with the salt to capacity. You'll add 1 tsp. of prepared Sole to 8 oz of pure water to drink each morning or 1 tsp. to one quart which can be imbibed throughout the day. We absolutely love our Sole water with lemon! It's amazing invigorating and is great for leveling things out when you feel inclined to reach for sugary things or alcohol (our Himalayan salts, btw, are food-grade and safe for consumption). 

Our Salt Stones are sold by the ounce at $.50 per ounce in a mixed assortment of sizes (as pictured). Unless size preference is requested in the comment section of your order, we will select a single size or nice mix for you.

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