RASA ADAPTOGENIC HERBAL KOFFEE - 1 oz packet, pre-ground
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Rasa Koffee is the adaptogen-powered, herbal coffee replacement that nourishes your body, mind and soul.

This is, by far, the best coffee alternative we've tried and brews superbly in our Moka pot. Can be combined with coffee, though is amazing on it's own with cream of choice.

Made with roasted chicory, burdock, and dandelion roots; eleuthero, shatavari, he shou wu, codonopsis, ashwagandha, chaga mycelium, rhodiola, Ceylon cinnamon, reishi. All obsessively sustainable and organic.

Preparation: Brew 10+ mins in a French press, or any coffee maker that uses pressure, like a Moka pot, espresso machine, or Keurig (with reusable K-cups). *Not suitable for use in normal drip coffee makers* (Rasa needs more time—or pressure!—to extract the goodness out of the herbs.)

+ also available in 8oz pre-ground bag


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