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ROSEHIP ARGAN OIL FACIAL SERUM is an exceptionally nourishing blend of botanical oils for skin repair, diminishment of fine lines, moisture retention and protection from environmental factors.

The plant derived oils offer an abundance of antioxidants and nutrients that penetrate deeply to nourish all layers. Argan oil is a miracle for skin care due to its benefits of healing, protection against free-radicals, skin-softening, moisture retention, and anti-aging benefits.

For full benefit, apply over skin pre-hydrate with one of our Complexion Waters. 

Suggested Protocol:

Palmarosa Charcoal Cleanser

Orange Blossom Lavender Complexion Water

Day Nutrient Booster Serum (morning)

Night Nutrient Booster Serum (evening)

Roseship Argan Facial Serum

Eyebright Coffee Bean Eye Cream

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