January 27, 2017



2017... it's been quite a year already for various reasons. It seems that now, more than recent years, the need for self-care, mindfulness + stress-relief is greater. So we move forward and look for moments of stillness amid the busyness and chaos. Wellness. That's what we all need. Self-preservation, if you will. To nourish the mind + body + soul.  

The following is a selection of things to aid in this pursuit. Take a moment.

B O D Y + mind + soul: Outdoor Voices Technical Apparel for Recreation #DoingThings 

Outdoor Voices Stretch Crepe

M I N D + soul + body: The Great Wide Open Outdoor + Landscape Photography Book


M I N D + soul + body: Calm Mindfulness Meditation App

Calm App Mindfulness Meditation

B O D Y + soul + mind: Lauren Manoogian Capote Coat

Lauren Manoogian Capote Coat

B O D Y + M I N D + S O U L: Beyond Yoga x Gratitude Collab x Fig+Yarrow Winter Solstice Kit


S O U L + mind + body: Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser

VITRUVI Essential Oil Diffuser




Dena Rochelle
Dena Rochelle


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