December 12, 2017



Gestalten The Hinterland 

I find myself craving escape lately. The chance to disconnect from daily responsibilities and reconnect with nature. This book is full of inspiration—some more rustic than others. While I'm most drawn to the waterside domiciles versus the primitive tree houses, there are plenty of dreamy options here. "These getaways free us from the distracting and unessential, and offer to put us back in touch with nature and reclaim our own inner peace." Yes, please. 



Yield Design Planters + Stands

My plant babies would be happy to settle in any of these gorgeous vessels. I have my eye on the 16" Spun Planter for my Alocasia Regal Shields plant, which will need to be repotted this spring. 


Shed Sonoma Honeycomb 

I'm overdue for a little road trip to Sonoma and I've been craving so many things from  SHED in Healdsburg. I've recently starting adding honey to my charcuterie plates and love the idea this honeycomb. It's beautiful, and no doubt delicious. 



Apiece Apart Denim Tote

I love a good tote bag and while I have plenty of the canvas variety from shopping my favorite brands and boutiques, this denim is incredibly tempting. I also think it would make a fantastic gift for a friend. It's classic, minimalist and useful. 


Jenni Kayne Home 

I find myself rotating throw blankets from room to room around my house to freshen up the decor. I'm also always looking to snuggle up with a cozy blanket whenever it's time to lounge. While I have quite the collection, this Alpaca Throw would be a welcome addition to the rotation. 



Montrose and Merrick Shark Bait Print 

Cure a case of wanderlust by bringing an Oceanscape print into your space. This series in particular came to my attention because it's a collaboration between my friend Heidi Merrick (Surf Royalty) and renowned photographer Sharon Montrose.  



Lauren Manoogian 

The winter sweater weather has me coveting a cozy knit by Lauren Manoogian. While I've admired the Capote Coat for some time now, I'm equally intrigued by the U Cape. 



Morihata Teas 

Not a day goes by without drinking at least a few cups of tea. I'm partial to the loose leaf variety and therefore thrilled that FIG+YARROW is now stocking a variety of organic tea from Morihata. The canisters are sleek and beautiful. The teas are smooth full of flavor. I'm having a tough time selecting a favorite. 


Dena Rochelle
Dena Rochelle


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