June 21, 2018


WEAR: Apiece Apart Utilitarian Jumpsuit. Never enough jumpsuits. I wore a jumpsuit to the beach last week and it was perfect, which is why this image caught my eye. "Cathy Cooper is an LA-based artist of all mediums whose take on embracing at once playfulness and utility reminds us to live with vigor and curiosity." Photo by The Ingalls, styling by Melanie Beckett.

GO: Visit MCA Denver and check out the exhibition HONEY by our beloved friend and photographer Kristen Hatgi Sink. "Honey is an exhibition of new work by Denver-based photographer Kristen Hatgi Sink. Sink has created a series of videos featuring the exhibition’s eponymous sticky substance—dripping and pouring over composed objects and human subjects. In them, flowers, fruit, and a young woman remain nearly motionless as honey runs over their respective delicate forms." 


BURN: Bohda Ritual Incense. Made the traditional way on Japan's 'incense island' these are my favorite incense sticks. The gently scented incense sticks are the perfect way to naturally scent a space. And no worries about burning/smoke because they use the finest organic woods and essential oils for a gentle fragrance and a smokeless burn.

SWIM: Or sun or soak or lounge. Swimsuit required. Left on Friday is a new swimwear brand that I'm currently coveting. Their "poolsuit, powersuit, playsuit" comes in a variety of cool styles that I'd be happy to wear. The only issue is narrowing down choices. 

Left on Friday Swimwear

PLANT: New plant and vessel arrivals are online in the Plant Shop. Time to make room for some new greens... and how about that deep burgundy Oxalis Triangularis? It looks beautiful in the CACHEMIRE PAPER BAG. The paper is made using a cultivated fibre and does not contribute to deforestation.


LAZE: Outside in the sun and shade, in your most comfortable underwear. Pansy has been on my wish list for some time now. "Born from a need for comfy dreamy ethical undies, their organic cotton is grown and milled domestically and their underwear are designed and sewn locally." Photo by Nastassia Clucas, models Abby Stedman & Karina Fontes 

Pansy Underwear

Dena Rochelle
Dena Rochelle


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