MAKE: Garden Green Soup

Our Denver garden has already transitioned into the next season. I replant the winter hearty greens once the tomatoes, peppers, beans, squash and such have died away and been cleared. The fall garden currently holds an abundance of celery, baby potatoes, asparagus, fennel bulbs, little onions and greens (of course!). We have a bounty of kale in all varieties, beet tops and chard which are all perfect for this vital cleansing soup. It’s amazingly delicious and incredibly simple to make. In fact it’s the simplicity that allows all the players here to shine. A bit of lemon at the end will make you feel like it’s spring again. Truly a soup for all seasons.


Chop and sauté the following in oil and butter with a dash of red chili pepper flakes... until softened but still with a bit of crunch:

+ fennel bulb
+ small onion
+ small handful of small potatoes
+ 1-2 smallish celery ribs
+ bundle of asparagus tops (bend between hands to snap off tops from woody parts)

Add kale and other greens, stir in to wilt.

Add vegetable or bone broth to cover (maybe 1/2-1” over top) and allow heat to rise for brief bubbling point.

Allow to cool just a bit before puréeing in a Vitamix or by hand immersion blender.

Add a squeeze from a half lemon then a few more pulses

Ladle into your bowls then stir in a bit of crème fraîche on top.

Brandy Monique
Brandy Monique


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